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Low-Profile tires going flat?

What are low profile tires?


Low-profile tires have been a popular choice on automobiles as of recently. As opposed to the traditional tire, low profile tires boast shorter and more stiff sidewalls. A low profile tire is defined as "a tire having a 50 aspect ratio or less". This displayed on the tire will appear something like the following 245/35/R20. The number after 245 is the aspect ratio of the tire. In the example given, the aspect ratio is 35 percent, therefore making it a low profile tire,

Like everything else, there are pros and cons to having low-profile tires. Lets take a second to explore some of each

Low Profile Tire Pros


Low profile tires are performance and competition based and made from a soft rubber that allows the tire to have less flex and are able to generate more grip!

  • Appearance: Its no secret, low profile tires look awesome! Low profile tires are completely based on personal preference as well as the style you're going for on your vehicle.

  • Upgraded performance : braking - Big Brake disks are often installed, boasting much improved stopping power.

  • Upgraded performance: cornering - Increased compounds designed to improve traction on both wet and dry roads. Enhanced cornering, traction as well as grip.

Low Profile Tire Cons


  • Harsh Ride: Low profile tires provide a much harsher ride due to smaller side walls, leaving less space between your vehicle and the road, increasing stress on suspension.

  • Faster Wear of Tires & Damage to the wheels: Low profile tires provide little protection between you and the road. Driving down the wrong Dallas road will leave you needing a tow or mobile tire service.

  • Cost: Low profile tires tend to be drastically more expensive than your traditional tire.

  • Availability: Many stores do not keep many low profile tires on hand if you find yourself in an emergency and in need of another in a hurry. It is very common that even the biggest tire chains will have to order the tire, taking a day or two to receive it.

Anytime Roadside Assistance & Mobile Tire Service


If you're in need of mobile tire service in the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex, click the link below. Thanks for reading

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